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About the Director
Successful day on the courts finishing 2

My name is Leslie Davenport and I am the director of LBK.  LBK was established in 2011.  We began with just 2 teams and have grown over the years to a successful 15 competitive teams and to date are still growing.  

I have been coaching since I was 19.  I have 31 years of Junior High, High School and College coaching combined.  I am currently the Head Volleyball Coach at Fisher Catholic HS.  I started coaching club when my oldest daughter was 12, she is now 33.  My passion and love for the game and young athletes continues to grow as much as the the game does.   

I am a mother of 5, and  a grandmother of 8.  I work at Lancaster City Schools in the MD classroom and work on the weekends at The Ale House 1890.

I believe that everyone should lead with a purpose, find their "why" and create an environment that brings out the fire in others.


Contract Signings for ages 15-18 will be held Tuesday, November 22, 2022 @7pm at the
Lancaster High School Cafeteria.

2022-2023 Teams
10/11U Boyden Team complete.
12U Boyden Team complete.
13A Davenport/Wright - complete
13R Bussart - complete
13R Delagdo/Jones - complete
14A Thornsley - complete
14R Cordle - complete
14R Ellis/Harris - complete
15A Ellis/Kallaus - pending
15A Sanford - pending
15R Tackett - pending
16A Davenport - pending
16A Hawkins - pending
16R Cordle - pending
16R VanHorn - pending
17's Davis - pending
18's Davenport - pending



LBK Fees: 
$950 - Regional Teams
$1150 - American Teams
8 tourneys 

2 practices/week
2 jerseys
Training w/Dre


Leslie Davenport - Director

Alaina Boyden
Jen Boyden
McKenzie Bussert
Emily Cordle
Katy Davis
Matt Dawson
Devin Delgado
Lexie Ellis

Bailey Harris
Taylor Hawkins
Ashley Jones
Carrie Kallaus

Michelle Sanford
Steve Sanford
Leslie Tackett
Crystal Thornsley
Jen VanHorn
Tracey Wright

2022 OVR accomplishments

2022 OVR Champions
13 Regional Thornsley

2022 OVR Champions
15 Regional Davenport

2022 OVR Top 10

12 Regional Wright (Fred)

2022 OVR Top 10

13 Regional DD

2022 OVR Top 10
14 Regional Wright
Thornsley 13.png
Davenport 15.png
DD 13.jpeg
Wright 14.jpg
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